Come as you are

Break down language barriers and transform the way you communicate with your friends, family, or team. Type, speak, read, and listen in *your* language, no matter the language everyone else is speaking.

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Example of an Ibis room, displaying messages between multiple users.

Your language, your communication style

Speak to your fellow humans without the barrier of language.

Chat with Text

Get in a room with others, no matter their language, and have a real-time chat conversation without worrying about translating their words.

Translate your Site

Install Ibis on your own site, and activate its engine to automatically translate your entire site into your users' preferred languages.

Chat with Voice

Speak to Ibis, and it will translate your words into the language of your friends, family, or team.

Chat over the Phone

Connect via SMS or phone call, and step away from the computer for a while. Your chat continues just as it was.

Over 130+ languages are built in.

Every message is transformed into the form of communication and language that fits you. Ibis empowers you to speak up, take up space, and be truly heard.

Screenshot of Ibis' user language settings, including text and voice options.

Real-time Conversations without Language Barriers

Ibis translates your live group chats, video and audio files to fit each user's communication preferences in real-time. Rooms are permanent, so join anytime you like.

Example of the Ibis chat interface.

Share Video and Audio, and Download Full Transcripts

Upload video and audio files to your group for automatic translation. Download full transcripts and subtitle files in your language of choice.

Screenshot of Ibis' options to download conversations in multiple formates.
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